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Joints and splices for electric and telephone cables.

1. General Description
"HAMEHABER" is a perfect connecting device for all cable types. It consists of the following
1.1 P.V.C mold.
1.2 Two boxes containing a special compound - casting resin - of the brand Resinex.
1.3 Two patented cables centering closures made of Neoprene rubber.
1.4 Instructions for use.
2. Different Sizes
"HAMEHABER" joints are available in 8 sizes, suitable for various cables.
3. Advantages of the System
3.1 Since 1958, our system is the most popular means for jointing cables in Israel. We credit
our success to the product’s low cost, user-friendly and easy to install characteristics.
3.2 The product is completely waterproof, even in the case of complete water immersion.
3.3 Two patented closures enable accurate centering of the cable in the mold.
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