Resinex - Brand Resins

Resinex 4 - Polyurethane

2 components, semi rigid.

Low heat during reaction and therefore is not shrinked and suitable for moulding on electronics components.

Resinex 1 - Epoxy

Two components Epoxy, clear, unfilled, for housing splices.

Resinex 2 - Epoxy

Two components Epoxy, filled, for housing splices.


Resinex 50 - Polyurethane

Flexible Polyurethane, re-enterable, designed to enable access to the electronic circuit even after it’s sealed.

Resinex 60 - Polyurethane

Flexible Polyurethane with rubber like characteristics.

On/Off Switch

On/Off Switch for "Merkava" tank, molded with a Ployorethene resin.

Resinex 70 - Polyurethane

Flexible Polyurethane, designated as a flame retardant.