Portable Lightning Systems

  • Cable and component rating: up to 16A-220/24V.
  • Cable meet ASTM requirements.
  • H&H lighting systems have been adopted for use by the Israel Defense Force and have been tested and proven under actual field conditions.
  • Temporary lighting system are essensial for mobile military units (setting-up camps).
  • H&H portable lighting system takes only a few minutes.
  • All H&H components are waterproof and and equipped with the patented automatic locking connectors.

Junction box - molded junction box.

Three female and one male patented, automatically locked connectors.

Molded - in suspension grommet.

  • Twist connector - male - female, patented, automatically locked connectors. Electrical contact positively assured.

  • Polarity maintained by varying diameter pins. Molded marker projections clearly indicate the right connection position.

The lamp at the end of the portable lighting system.

Power source socket - Heavy duty single socket designed for mounting on a generator.

Extension cables - available in standards length of: 3-6-12-25-50 meters.

Each cable complete with patented, automatically locked male and female connectors.